Five things I discovered on our trip to the circus


In August we took our two-year-old daughter and three-month-old baby to Circus Wonderland, a traditional circus group that had conveniently set up camp in our local park.

It wasn’t just the girls’ first circus trip – having never been myself, I was also keen to find out what went on in the red and yellow big top.

Here are five unexpected things I discovered while we were there:

  1. It’s noisy. Think comedy trumpets, drumming, pop music, classical music, shouting, laughter – you name it, the volume was always turned up to the max. Perfect for holding our two-year-old’s undivided attention…not so perfect for baby ear drums. I found myself wondering whether I should have brought ear defenders along for our little one. Amazingly though, the noise still didn’t stop her from nodding off half way through the show.
  2. Flipping fun. The acrobats’ spectacular aerial flips, twists and somersaults were a big hit with all the family. Bizarrely though, some of the performers also turned their hand to flipping burgers on the refreshments stand before the show and during the interval.
  3. Clowning around. If you’re looking for slap-stick comedy this is the place to find it. ‘Mr Popol’ and ‘Kakehole’ form Circus Wonderland’s traditional musical clown double act. They certainly ticked the ‘creepy clown’ box for me but my boyfriend found them hilarious. Expect all manner of high jinks and plenty of audience participation. A word of warning though – if you’re sitting near the stage, bring your waterproofs.
  4. A bear. The man-in-a-costume variety. A firm favourite for our toddler.
  5. Magical memories. Our two-year-old was mesmerised by the show from start to finish. She was in awe of the performers, especially the female acrobat (or as she calls her, the ‘lady up high’) who swung from the trapeze bar and tumbled gracefully down the silks. It’s great to see how it made a real impression on her. Now she keeps trying to recreate the moves at home!

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