Recipe: Stick curry

Some people like to spend their free time spotting trains or birds, but if you’re under five, Peppa Pig spotting is much more likely to be your thing. They say you’re never more than six feet from a rat, but I think the same rule applies to anything Peppa-branded, as we discovered on our way home from the local park where we enjoyed a rare sighting of her hiding in the undergrowth:

Peppa in the undergrowth

With its small patch of pine trees, our local park is also a great place to spend time Gruffalo hunting or collecting sticks and leaves. It’s a popular place for dog walking too, which means you also have to watch out for the smelly sticks. 

    Girl near the woods

    Yesterday our toddler said she wanted to collect sticks for cooking, so we decided to take them home and make a stick curry. I know you can’t wait to try it, so here’s the recipe.


    • One handful of sticks
    • One handful of pine cones 
    • Wild blackberries (if you can get them home before eating them)
    • One dandelion or other flower of your choice depending on what’s available.


    • Put all ingredients into a bowl or pot 
    • Add enough water to make a nice soupy texture
    • Stir and enjoy

    Pretending to cook using things we’ve found outside is turning into one of our toddler’s favourite pastimes. Along with splashing in muddy puddles. 

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