About us

We’re a family of four living on the beautiful Dorset coast in the UK. 

We haven’t lived here for long, and the novelty of a trip down to the long, sandy beaches still hasn’t worn off. We love getting sand in our shoes, bags and sandwiches because it’s a small, gritty reminder of where we’ve been on a day out and how lucky we are to live here.

Before we had kids, me and my boyfriend were pretty much always planning our next trip away. We’ve always loved to travel, get outdoors and have new experiences. We both agree that the most lasting and special memories of our trips away weren’t necessarily the most expensive ones, but rather the ones when we got to know the people who lived there.

Obviously now that we also have two small people in tow, travelling is a lot harder. But even without the deepest of pockets we’re still determined to share our love of travel and exploring the world with our girls.